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Vinyl 7''EP - vinyl 7''EP


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This is the split 7" from Arizona's LAGO and Poland's CALM HATCHERY featuring one new song from each band. This split release is released in cooperation between SELFMADEGOD RECORDS from Poland and BATTLEGROUND RECORDS from USA.

LAGO delivers a ferocious brew of classic but modernized death metal, surrounded in a blackened fog, wholly bearing an oppressive atmosphere. 

CALM HATCHERY  overthrows the B-side of this split with a vital slab of decimation, “Distant Pulsation.” Continuing to revitalize their brutality with each release, the band unloads a shredding, brutal death metal wrought with bursts of technicality and grindcore-influenced tactics. 

This is a must have for fans of classic and brutal death metal in the vein of IMMOLATION, BEHEMOTH, MORBID ANGEL, SUFFOCATION.
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